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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Kettlebell Theory and Tips
    • Introduction
    • Handle Designs
    • Starting Weights
    • What Kettlebells Won't Do For You
    • To Chalk, Or Not To Chalk?
    • Kettlebell Maintenance and Self Care
    • Iron Forearms
    • Grip and Wrist
    • Efficiency
    • Breathing and Energy
    • My Story
  • 2
    Kettlebell Foundation Exercises
    • Hip Hinge Part 1
    • Hip Hinge Part 2
    • 2 Hand Swing Part 1
    • 2 Hand Swing Part 2
    • Neck Position
    • Hand Change
    • 1 Arm Swing
    • Clean Part 1
    • Clean Part 2
    • Press
    • Jerk
    • Snatch Part 1
    • Snatch Part 2
    • Reverse Windmill
    • Overhead Windmill
    • Get Up
  • 3
    Free Bonus
    • Kettlebell Training Course Manual
  • 4
    Super Bonus - 10 Workouts
    • Session 1
    • Session 2
    • Session 3
    • Session 4
    • Session 5
    • Session 6
    • Session 7
    • Session 8
    • Session 9
    • Session 10


  • Stephen Aish

    Mindset and Peak Performance Coach

    Stephen Aish

    Steve has an extensive career as a competitive athlete, international coach and training provider to thousands of coaches. He has made it his life work to understand peak performance of the mind and body and allow everyone to reach their full potential. The courses have been created to allow independence and a passion for personal development and sharing our gifts with the world.

Professional Testimonials

Guru Performance

Dr Laurent Bannock

Guru Performance

I undertook The Strength Academy's Kettlebell Instructor Course with Stephen Aish and was immediately impressed by the expert delivery and instruction I received. It was both an enjoyable and extremely productive training course, and therefore highly recommend this course to all PTs and S&C coaches who wish to add this excellent method of training to their portfolio of training tools.
Paralympic Athlete

Ali Jawad

Paralympic Athlete

Steve is not only a great trainer, but a motivator who makes you think outside the box in anything you do. If there's a person who'll help you achieve greatness, it's him. I can't speak more highly of the man.
World Taekwondo Champion, GB Head Coach and 7th Dan Master

Phil Lear

World Taekwondo Champion, GB Head Coach and 7th Dan Master

I have known Stephen Aish for over 12 years from when I first took part in his Kettlebell instructor course. Then a few years ago, I spent 6 hours with him one to one and returned home a different person. I have not looked back since and have booked Stephen for 7 seminars at the gym I run where he has reached over 200 people and changed their lives for the better. His mindset course is simply astounding and creates many lightbulb moments, reframing things in our lives that we believe we can’t change or define who we think we are to just things that happen to us. Stephen presents with passion and a desire to help people to their own level of inner peace. The feedback I have received from every single course he has presented has always been of the highest calibre. He has changed my life and the lives of my family forever and for that I am eternally grateful.
YouTube Superstars

The Lean Machines

YouTube Superstars

From doing a number of Stephen's courses including Olympic weight lifting and kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in-depth enough for the most educated of participants.
 Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he somehow changes your mindset and fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

 So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!