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Course Overview

Mindset jumpstart exists as a catalyst for awareness and change. While it can be seen as a fast-track introduction, it is several hours of content and does go quite deep into awareness and what it means to be a human with a brain and mind that want you safe. The goal of this course is to improve awareness and confidence, while teaching just how stress is created and impacts us. This alone has the power to give back control in situations where we feel out of control and can “lose it”. The daily videos are usually 10-15 minutes long and designed to cover a specific area with enough content to have impact and be usable.

This course is the online equivalent of my one day 1-1 mindset induction at a fraction of the price

Who is it for?

This course was created as a catalyst for those who have some element of discomfort in their lives and are ready for 2 things –

1 – to learn about their suffering

2 – to better manage their life

It is not an easy path and it is certainly not pain-free, or some quick fix. There is work to do and facing yourself in complete honesty and acceptance can be too much for some people. However, this is where the results come from and every small step is progress. If you are ready to learn who you are, why you are here, why you hurt, what you are capable of and how to take back control, then I look forward to sharing this incredible journey of awareness and inner peace with you.

The Journey To Inner Peace

Here is exactly what the course covers so you can be sure it is the correct path for your growth and suits your needs. You will be chalenged and you may get uncomfortable, but that is how growth works. There are over 30 training videos that have been grouped for easy reference. If you have ever felt that you are not in control of a busy head that is getting too much to manage, then this course will put you back in the driving seat.

  • The map we operate from

  • Time and awareness

  • Language and self

  • The power of surrender

  • Science and the mind

  • Reframing fear

  • Finding peace in chaos


  • Stephen Aish

    Mindset and Peak Performance Coach

    Stephen Aish

    Steve has an extensive career as a competitive athlete, international coach and training provider to thousands of coaches. He has made it his life work to understand peak performance of the mind and body and allow everyone to reach their full potential. The courses have been created to allow independence and a passion for personal development and sharing our gifts with the world.

Social proof: testimonials

Paralympic athlete, medallist, world champion and World record holder

Ali Jawad

Paralympic athlete, medallist, world champion and World record holder

Steve is not only a great trainer, but a motivator who makes you think outside the box in anything you do. If there's a person who'll help you achieve greatness, it's him. I can't speak more highly of the man.
BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements owner and the UK's No.1 Health Podcast host

Ben Coomber

BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements owner and the UK's No.1 Health Podcast host

If you want change, you know you need it, want it, but feel stuck, constantly going back and forth through cycles of success and failure, then Steve is your man to break through. His vast experience of the body and mind (because they are both part of the change puzzle) are 2nd to none. Any program or coaching you can get from him, take it, and go “all in” on what he says. Thank me later.
Biomechanics Coach and Industry Training Provider

Rachel Frances Thompson

Biomechanics Coach and Industry Training Provider

Having known & worked with Steve for several years now in a variety of capacities his integrity & humility still continue to positively impact on me both personally & professionally. His unique methods of meditation & skill in coaching mindset have powerfully influenced my daily perspective as well as my belief in my own abilities when strength training. He is someone I will always lean into for regular reminders when I am seeking mental clarity & accountability.